Effective audits via a mobile app

Conduct easy and cost efficient storechecks with SPRINGaudit. Get an instant view of your sales network in a detailed online reporting.

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Generali Česká pojišťovna

Fast and easy setup

Our experienced team will help you with the project setup. We will design the questionnaire and set the rating metrics - all tailored to your needs. Everything will be available in an online or offline app.


Effective data collection

Forget about paper forms. Data is collected via a mobile app. We can provide trained auditors for visits in the whole Czech Republic and Slovakia or you can have your own employees as auditors.


Instant reporting

The results are shown in real time in a detailed yet comprehensible reporting which you can adjust according to your preferences. Achieved goals, reached KPIs and more can be seen at any time online or sent to you via e-mail in PDF exports.


Keep track of what’s really going on in your stores

SPRINGaudit will keep you informed

Popular Use Cases:

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    Compliance with company standards

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    Corporate identity check

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    Appropriateness of marketing materials

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    Campaign and promotional activities check

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    Product display and product availability mapping

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    Compliance with security regulations

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    Competitive monitoring

SPRINGaudit - Síť školených auditorů po celé ČR a SR

285 Trained Auditors

Use our auditors to perform independent checks across the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  • experienced auditors
  • available in all regions
  • no travel costs
  • time saving solution

Do you have your own auditors?

Empower your employees to use SPRINGaudit and be your eyes in the field

Audits in Telecommunications

„Our longterm cooperation with Market Vision consisted of mystery shopping and storechecks. Afterwards we also added audits of our network. We are grateful forthe flexibility of the auditors,who are swift in implementing any changes immediately.

We also highly value the innovative approach of the agency and the problem-free communication between us. We would like to express our thanks to the audi manager for fairness, willingness and the interest in meeting all of our demands. In general our experience with Market Vision is more than positive."

Aftersales Checks

„Market Vision successfully performed audits of sales and service standards in our dealer and repair network in accordance with the given methodology and in a good quality.

The nationwide project was carried out exactly as scheduled, including the processing of final results, and all related operations were always flexibly handled by the agency.“

Inspections in Insurance

"„I would like to express our thanks to Market Vision for their flexibility and willingness to setup the project Inspection journeys to meet the requirements of Generali Česká pojišťovna.

Thee application and thee acquired results help our colleagues from headquarterse to monitor thee branches ine regarde to their equipment, marketing and client oriented improvements. I am looking forwarde to creating and perfecting another projects.“


Use state-of-the-art technology for your audits and be amazed by the easiness of the execution and reporting.

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    A to Z solution

    We provide full service from the initial setup to the reporting of the data – everything as soon as possible and with 100 % quality of the results.

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    Efficiency and low price

    SPRINGapp is a ready to use solution and together with our auditors network it saves your costs.

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    Instant and detailed results

    The results of the audits are immediately visible in a modern and individualized reporting.

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    Non-bias assessment

    The independent approach of our auditors assures the completely objective nature of the results. Obtained data are properly checked and verified.

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    Experiences in the field

    SPRINGaudit was created and is being run by a project team with long-term experience in various industries.

  • loop

    Next steps

    After evaluating the results we will help you with the next steps for improvement.

Are you looking for the in-depth audits of processes and standards?

Learn the possibilities and our experience in this sector.